"Doing physical therapy is not an easy assignment. Doing it in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and positive, however, makes the task less stressful and more rewarding. This has been my experience while at Mass Bay Spine and Sport P.T.

As a result of previous injuries and surgeries, P.T. is not a new occurrence for me. I have had therapy in a number of clinics over the years, but never with such a positive feeling. From my very first phone call to set up an appointment, to the initial evaluation, to the weekly sessions of therapy, each time I have been greeted warmly and courteously and treated with a genuine concern for my overall good health and healing.

Because of excessive swelling as a result of my recent knee replacement, the initial phase of my therapy was both labored and intensive. I doubt that I would have been as successful in my recovery had it not been for my very patient and professional therapist, Sarah Lawson. The positive attitude and encouragement from Sarah and every staff member whom I encountered gave me the inspiration to succeed. Each degree of progress was greeted with enthusiasm and concern. As a result, going to therapy became something I looked forward to each session.

I am extremely pleased with the result of my therapy at Mass Bay. Over the past two months, I have made great progress and I am eagerly looking forward to playing golf next month. I truly feel that my progress has been due both to the treatment that I received and the knowledge and professional attitude of a very warm and welcoming staff. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing P.T."

Bernie Dupuis

"The friendliness and comfort you feel when you walk through the doors is remarkable. The therapists make you feel at ease and very comfortable. The staff is very helpful in explaining exactly what you need to do. I have found them very courteous when it comes to explaining the therapy program they have worked out for you. Out of the many therapists I have been to see over the years, Mass Bay Spine and Sport is the BEST! They have made a huge difference in the quality of life I now enjoy because I can do more with my family and kids that I couldn't do before."

Edwin Parsons, Marshfield, MA

Paula Urquart

"My experience was very positive from the beginning. I feel so lucky to have had courteous and helpful therapists...and smart! I just don't know where I would be today without them...they always made me feel good about what I was doing. The staff is there to help you achieve your goal. They are caring and warm and go the extra mile."

Paula Urquhart, Marshfield, MA

"The staff is very supportive, patient, and caring...extremely friendly and professional at the same time. It is a very pleasant atmosphere. The new facility is great...big and bright with lots of new equipment, and always very clean! Great place-good people! I would recommend it to anybody!"

Linda Fargo, Marshfield, MA

"It was a wonderful experience, very helpful in getting me back to what I love to do; riding my bike and being productive again. Very friendly atmosphere and encouraging!"

Leo Hillary, Marshfield, MA

"The physical therapy at MBSSPT was the best! The therapists are so professional- always attentive and guiding patients in the proper direction. On top of that, it is one of the most pleasant atmospheres I've been in! I recommend MBSSPT to anyone in need of PT!"

Janet Ionta

James Hartnett

"Mass Bay Spine & Sport PT symbolizes excellence, professionalism, caring, and a team that treats you as part of the family. They are sensitive to the needs of the whole person and strive to make your necessary experience pleasant and challenging. They are always a phone call away and make themselves available to their patients for any issues or concerns. I recommend them to everyone I know who needs therapy!"

James Hartnett, Hingham, MA

Wendy Burnham

"During my many experiences at MBSSPT, I have always been treated like I was a friend, not just a patient. Very family friendly! The new office is great...lots of room and new equipment. The staff always make you feel comfortable."

Wendy Burnham, Marshfield, MA