Parkinson’s Disease/ LSVT BIG® Treatment

Do you or someone you love have Parkinson’s disease?

Are tasks like walking or getting dressed becoming more difficult for you?

Do you feel like your movements have slowed?

There’s something that can help you…

  • move better
  • move faster
  • increase her independence
  • Improve your quality of life!

So what’s the BIG deal?

LSVT BIG® is a treatment approach for patients with Parkinson’s disease that has been used since 2007 and was developed after almost 20 years of reaching having received funding and recognition from the national Institute of health.

LSVT BIG® treatment can help…

  • Teach you the amount of effort required to move more normal movements
  • Teach you how to avoid inactivity
  • Teach you how to use big movements in everyday life.

You will learn a program that can be used to maintain the improvements you’ve made long after your treatment has ended.

How does it work?

LSVT BIG® treatment:

  • 16 sessions: four consecutive days per week for 4 weeks.
  • Daily exercises and carryover tasks are given to maximize your potential and benefits of the program.

We have three therapist certified in LSVT BIG® treatment who are ready to help you. Call Us now to se how LSVT BIG® can change your life!