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Medical Gym

Mass Bay Spine & Sport Physical Therapy

The Medical Gym at Mass Bay Spine & Sport Physical Therapy offers an environment for safe and effective exercise programs to improve overall health and wellness. Each program is designed with YOU in mind, taking into account your goals and any current limitations you may have due to injury or illness. Whether you would like to lose weight, increase mobility, manage chronic health issues, or simply increase your activity level, the Medical Gym will give you the tools and knowledge you need to exercise at your pace, in a safe and comfortable environment.

For Years, we’ve educated thousands of clients about healthy living and the benefits of regular exercise, and we’ve also learned a lot about why people don’t exercise. The most common reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge/Know-How
  • Limited access to equipment
  • Fear over getting hurt
  • Don’t like the gym environment

We’ve created our medical gym space to tackle those obstacles by providing clients with a comfortable environment and carefully designed programs, removing the excuses we all use preventing us from taking action.

What to expect:

  • A complete health and fitness assessment on your first visit.
  • A custom program designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals
  • A variety of cardio and strength training equipment
  • A supportive, positive and motivating environment that will ensure you meet your fitness goals

Who can benefit from a health and wellness program at the Medical Gym?

  • Individuals with risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease or high cholesterol, or those with chronic medical conditions that limit their normal daily function
  • Physical therapy patients who have completed treatment but would like to remain active or achieve a higher level of activity
  • Individuals with an upcoming orthopedic surgical procedure (joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, etc.) who would like to better prepare for surgery
  • Older adults with a history of falls or osteoarthritis
  • Anyone who would like to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle!


    Initial Assessment and First month membership: $125

    What’s included:

    • Comprehensive fitness assessment
    • Program design and education on equipment use, safety and proper exercise technique/form
    • 1 additional follow-up consult ensuring proper performance of designed program
    • 1st month’s membership

    Monthly fee(beyond the 1st month): $40/month

    Additional Follow-up Consult(Optional): $59

    What’s included:

    • A follow up fitness re-assessment as well as program review and modification as indicated
    • This is an optional service for clients wishing to measure progress and have program modified/advanced to ensure appropriate level of intensity.
    • And with no long-term commitment or contracts, you have the option to continue to receive the benefit of working with our highly knowledgeable staff month to month to meet your fitness goals or take what you’ve learned and continue your new lifestyle on your own, it’s your choice! Contact our Medical Gym Team for more information (781) 319-0024.

    Looking for more advanced training and regular oversite of your program? Check out our Personal Training services offered by 3B Fitness for more options

    ***the “3B Fitness” should be a link to a separate page (will provide copy for that page)

    “I made the transition from physical therapy to the medical gym...I was overweight and very out of shape. In the past five months I’ve been working out three times a week. My endurance, flexibility and strength have improved greatly. Lauren the trainer is very knowledgeable and works well with all the gym members. I’m looking forward to the next six months, getting in better shape and losing more weight.”

    ~ James Doherty

    “The Medical Gym has made a huge difference and impact on my life — helping me to improve and maintain my physical and mental quality of life! How many people can say they enjoy working out and have laughing times and funny outbursts or experiences? I can!”

    ~ Jerry Bertrand

    Lauren Plourde, ATC

    Lauren Plourde, ATC

    Lauren Plourde is our Certified Athletic Trainer and is one of our fitness assessment and program design professionals.

    Lauren received a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of New Hampshire. Her prior experience includes working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Rehab 3 Center for Athletes at Seacoast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Somersworth, NH. She is also the current full time Athletic Trainer for Marshfield High School. She is also a member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

    Patricia Simms, PT

    Patricia Simms, PT, NDT Trained, LSVT BIG Certified, CPT, CES, WFS

    Patti is a physical therapist as well as a certified Personal Trainer and is one of our fitness assessment and program design professionals. With 25+ years of acquired skills and expertise as a physical therapist combined with her certification as a personal trainer, Patti is passionate about using her knowledge to help clients break down barriers that have limited them in the past and achieve amazing results!